Our Quality

Designed to Last

At Maho, we don’t subscribe to trend reports or chase the latest fad. We make products to be worn for years, even decades, to come. That’s why we source the finest materials for our timeless silhouettes - like Mazzuchelli Acetate, French Comotec Hardware, and Japanese trivex lenses.

Our Supply Chain

An Ethical Approach

We’ve spent countless hours finding the best factories in the world. We visit often and have forged personal relationships with the owners. We now audit each supplier to evaluate things like fair wages, reasonable hours, and environmental impact. Our approach ensures that every product is manufactured in an ethical manner. Learn more about our code of conduct here.

Our Commitment

Sustainability First

Whether we like it or not, an environmental crisis is upon us. The fashion industry has an absolutely disastrous impact on the environment -- it is the second largest polluter in the world just after the oil industry. Our entire business model is predicated on reducing environmental impact. The materials we use, the prices we charge, the suppliers we work with, and our recycling initiatives we deploy are all intended to minimize our environmental impact. Are we perfect? No, but we are striving for it. 

Our Process

Performance for Everyday

We design every product to stay comfortable during all-day active wear. We utilize ergonomically designed temple tips, matte finishes, wide acetate nose pieces, keyhole bridges, and of course our ultra-light Ultramarine lenses to provide unrivaled comfort. We design for the beach, the lake, the golf course, and adventures of all kinds, rather than the runway.

Our Distinctiveness

Limited Runs

We are driven by constant experimentation and innovation, so we continually introduce new frames and colorways and temporarily retire old ones every season. Not only is every frame a one-of-a-kind handmade piece, every style is also part of a limited edition run.

Our Fit

Like a Bespoke Suit

We design every pair with zyl acetate, a phenomenal plastic-like material derived from wood pulp and cotton fiber. This hypoallergenic, bio-degradable material can be molded to your face so that it fits like a glove. Zyl acetate is far more expensive than typical injection-molded plastic to produce, but we think you're worth it.

Our Ownership

For Life

When you buy a Maho product, it comes with a Lifetime Warranty that carries with it our support for your lifetime of ownership. We will always repair or replace your broken product for a fee that reflects our costs. That means we don’t make money on repair or replacement, but we don’t lose it either -- so we’ll stay in business and available to fix your goods forever. When we repair or replace, we recycle each and every available component to minimize waste and our collective environmental impact. We are currently able to recycle up to 80% of each product, and have implemented policies with a goal of 95%+ recyclability.