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Maho frames are handmade from the finest materials available. We use Zyl acetate produced by family-owned factories, because it's sustainable, beautiful, and incredibly comfortable. Our frame hardware uses surgical stainless steel, 24K gold, and other ultra-premium materials. 

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We believe elegant form and superior functionality should go hand in hand. That's why we insist on delivering ultra-premium optics in every pair. Maho Ultramarine™ lenses are polarized trivex. Trivex is far lighter and stronger than outdated materials like CR39, polycarbonate, or mineral glass, while offering incredible clarity and full UVA/UVB protection. Our Ultramarine™ lenses are made with premium anti-reflective, water and oil repelling, and anti-scratch coatings.

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Maho Shades Founders


Maho was founded because in the age of smartphones and social media, spending quality time outdoors with the friends and family we love is more important than ever. To us, there's no more important product outdoors than a great pair of shades.

For decades, an increasingly small cabal of monopolists have driven the price of sunglasses through the stratosphere while failing to innovate or improve the product. Rather than continue to pay high prices for mediocrity, we founded Maho to produce the best product on the market, sell it at a reasonable price, back it with a lifetime warranty, and constantly innovate to improve our products.